BDL on Reuters

In addition to information published on BDL web site, Banque Du Liban disseminates information through Reuters. Banque Du Liban has the following pages offering different types of data:


BDL01 Beirut Forex Market - Daily closing of LBP/$ rate & major foreign currencies
BDL02 Beirut US Dollar money market. Rates offered on US Dollar Deposits at BDL
BDL03 Beirut Euro money market. Rates offered on Euro Deposits at BDL
BDL09 Current Account Interest Rates (EUR/GBP/USD)
BDL10 LBP Treasury Bills Auction Results with the Issue Amounts, and the Repo Rate at BDL
BDL11 BDL Indicative TB & CD discount rates and yields.
BDL12 LBP Time Deposit Rates with BDL and any announcements for banks
BDL13 Discount Rates on commercial papers in LBP, LBP rates on CDs issued by BDL with the issue amounts
BDL15 Rates offered on USD Commodity Murabaha at BDL
BDL16 Rates and volumes of operations done in the Secondary Market at BDL for LBP Treasury Bills